Football Stadiums Football Stadiums Preparing R2 Prepare R2 for mounting on pole 139241315 Mounting R2 Mounting R2 to pole. 139241316 Mounting another R2 A second R2 is mounted to pole. 139241317 Riverview Press Box new press box 139241318 R.5 on Press Box one of pair of R.5s 139242657 R.5 on Press Box R.5 mounted on lip of press box. 139242658 R2 on Clock long throw R2 mounted on 30 second clock 139242659 Rosebud rack equipment rack at Rosebud 139242660 Equipment Rack rack in Rosebud press box 139242661 R2 above Press Box R2 mounted above filming area 139243139 Dewitt Press Box new press box at Dewitt 139243140 Press Box Interior working inside Dewitt press box 139243141 3 R2s Mounted on one Pole Beebe field with 3 R2s 139265776 Beebe Stadium from Band Bleachers Beebe field from far end 139265777 R.5 on Pole R.5 on east end of bleachers 139435949 R.5 speaker on pole - per their specs 139435950 Lake Hamilton Wolves Lake Hamilton by Hot Springs 139435951 R.5 East End matching speaker on opposite end 139435952 From Bleachers speaker 139435953 Wiring Terry under bleachers 139435954