Basketball Arenas Basketball Arenas Additions to Vilonia Gym holding speaker while mounting 139266422 Speaker Array at Vilonia array of Community speakers 139266423 Equipment Rack by Scorer's Table rack located in lower bleachers 139266424 Mounting MVP 215's hanging speaker 139266425 Amplifier Rack Vilonia amp rack in coach's office 139266426 Vilonia Gym - 10 Speakers (2) CSV-35s,(4) R.5s, and (4) MVP215HOs 139266427 Preparing Speaker for Hanging mounting hardware attached 139266428 Destiny Unpacking Speakers opening speaker cartons for installation 139266430 Bald Knob - Hanging Speakers up in the lift to mount speakers 139268982 Preparing Speakers attaching hardware for mounting speakers 139268983 Executive Decisions Terry and Bruce 139268984 Speaker Mounted speaker hanging from ceiling 139268985 Bald Knob Gym speakers mounted 139268986 Bald Knob Using Genie Lift Terry in lift 139268987 Speakers Mounted R.5s 139268988 Crew at Work readying a subwoofer 139268989 Bald Knob Gym getting ready for lift 139268990 Mounted Subwoofer sub hanging from roof 139268991 R.5s R.5 speakers installed 139268992 Beebe Arena - (6) R.5s arrayed R.5s 139270163 Beebe R.5s R.5s mounted to beams 139270164 Beebe Arena Rack equipment rack by scorer's table 139270165 Using Z Clips attaching purlin clamps to hang speakers 139271371 Mounting Speakers at Harmony Grove on scissor lift to mount speakers 139271372 On Lift Terry and Phillip prepare for installation 139271373 Harmony Grove Speakers (4) MVP 15s installed 139271374 Direction and Angle aimed toward seating areas 139271375 Wiring Rack Phillip connects Harmony Grove Gym system 139271376 Harmony Grove Rack equipment rack 139271377 Harmony Grove Cardinals Gym 4 speakers installed 139271378 Out With the Old old Mayflower gym mixer/amplifier 139272135 Mayflower Gym pair of the new speakers at Mayflower 139273111 Four Speakers for Mayflower Gym MVP 15s 139273112 Purlin Mounted mounted using purlin clips 139273113 In With the New Mayflower powered mixer 139273114 Phillip Testing System preparing for arena dedication 139273854 Destiny and Phillip waiting for dedication 139273855 Bruce Adjusting Sound setting up for dedication 139273856 Riverview Equipment Rack movable rack 139273857 Speakers Suspended speakers at mid flag level 139273858 Riverview Speakers - North End (6) speakers total in this gym - very tall roof 139273859 Hugh Burge, Supt., Riverview Schools preparing for dedication 139273860