Allfam Bowling Center Allfam Bowling Center Preparing Speakers attaching hardware 139275933 Securing Eye Bolts cast eye bolts 139275934 The Boss on the Right Bruce 139275935 Allfam Owner Bill Allen 139275936 Making Wire Rope Lengths must be made correctly 139275937 Waiting for the Hangers nice working atmosphere 139275938 Making Hangers just about done 139275939 Attach Hangers to Beams Speakers will hang just below drop ceiling 139275940 VERIS 15 Speaker one of 9 speakers 139277808 Crew hmmm... 139277809 Allfam Co-Owner Pat Allen 139277810 Veris Speakers one end of the lanes 139277811 Lobby row of speakers 139277812 Lobby another view 139277813 Sweetie Pop youngest member of crew (then) 139277814 From Center 5 speakers visible 139277815 Subwoofer one of the 3 subs 139287410 Nearly Open equipment in place 139287411 Last Minute Adjustments almost finished 139287412 Disassembly Phillip removes piece of scaffold 139287413 Get the Walkboard Nick lends a hand. 139287414 Subwoofer one the end subs 139287415 They're Open Sounds that overcomes the noise of bowling. 139287416