Cafetoriums Cafetoriums Testing Mics Phillip doing a sound check 139390485 Hanging Speakers Terry in the lift 139390486 Community Speakers Veris 15s 139390487 Wiring ladders of all sizes required 139390488 Measuring Bruce Jackson 139390489 Wiring Terry feed the wiring to Phillip 139390490 VERIS 15-96 corner speakers 139390491 Mixer 139390492 Equipment Rack amps, eqs, media players, etc. 139390493 Tweaking Phillip makes adjustments 139390494 Pottsville Jr. High Cafetorium Community speakers and monitors 139390495 JBL Ceiling Speakers high powered ceiling speakers 139391218 JBL Subwoofer subs added for depth of sound 139391219 Dimmers dimming for light fixtures 139391220 Mounting Fresnels fresnels over the stage area 139391221 Ellipsoidals out in front of the stage 139391222 Light Bar ellipsoidal fixtures 139391223 Foot Lights foot lights in 4 circuits 139391224 Foot Lights movable fixtures 139391225 One Side of Foot Lights half the set 139391226 Light Bar view from the stage 139391227 Mixers lighting mixer above - sound mixer below 139391228 Mixers and Rack moving rack and mixers to put away when not in use 139391229 Light Mixer 24-channel 2-scene 139391230 Mayflower H. S. Stage/Cafetorium view from (s)eating area 139391231 Lakeside HS Cafeteria in Hot Springs 139448812 Lakeside HS Cafeteria east side of Hot Springs 139448813 Cutting Tiles Bruce 139448814 Preparing Wiring Phillip 139448815 Rectangular Speaker Tile no circles to cut 139448817 Controls mixer etc. in cabinet on wall 139448818 Lakeside Primary Cafeteria 139453266 Lakeside Primary Cafeteria 139453267 Projector 139453268 Their Cabinet houses electronics and mics 139453269